ophthalmologist Kraków
The specialist practice in eye diseases
ophthalmologist Cracow
MD Marek Hanarz
A medical specialist in eye diseases,
Univ. Doctor of Medicine

Range of services

In OKOAKCENT we put emphasis on smart and professional quality of services, creating a place with the best care for our patients.

In OKOAKCENT, The Specialist Ophthalmological Surgery of MD Marek Hanarz, we conduct medical examinations of eye diseases and provide services in wide selection of glasses and contact lenses.

The following diagnostic examinations are conducted:

  • examination of the front section of the fundus of the eye,
  • autokeratorefractometry (a computerized eye examination),
  • tonometry applanation (eyeball pressure examination),
  • gonioscopy (examination of the angle between the eye’s cornea and iris),
  • skiascopy,
  • examination of the visual field, f.eg.:
    • glaucoma screening,
    • Esterman (neurological),
    • spot screening,
    • spot threshold,
    • glaucoma threshold B/Y.

We also conduct treatment and examination in:

  • glaucoma,
  • cataract,
  • retina disorders,
  • neurophthalmology,
  • eyelids’ disorders.

Moreover we offer:

  • selection of contact lenses (including toric contact lenses),
  • removal of foreign bodies from the cornea and conjunctiva.

Feel free to make yourself acquainted with our proposal of EstetykAkcent.

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