ophthalmologist Kraków
The specialist practice in eye diseases
ophthalmologist Cracow
MD Marek Hanarz
A medical specialist in eye diseases,
Univ. Doctor of Medicine


Specialist counsel (acuity of sight examination with correction; autokeratorefractometry (a computerized eye examination); examination of the front and central section of the fundus of the eye in the slit lamp) 130-150zł
tonometry applanation (eyeball pressure examination) 50 zł
gonioscopy (examination of the angle between the eye’s cornea and iris) 50 zł
skiascopy 150 zł
eye fundus examination 150 zł
Goldman’s tri mirror examination (in each eye) 50 zł
examination of the visual field:  100-120zł
- glaucoma screening

- Esterman (neurological),

- spot screening/threshold,

- glaucoma threshold B/Y

tonometry applanation with specialist councel 130 zł
removal of foreign bodies from the cornea, or conjuctiva 120–150zł
eyelashes’ removal 50 zł
treatment of cornea after the removal of a foreign body 120-150zł
follow-up visit and care 50 zł
measurement of the value of spectacles’ lenses 50 zł
selection of contact lenses with one follow-up visit 150 zł
selection of toric contact lenses with one follow-up visit 200 zł
Schirmer’s test 120 zł
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