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MD Marek Hanarz
A medical specialist in eye diseases,
Univ. Doctor of Medicine

Our specialist

MD Marek Hanarz is a specialist in diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders

He gained his experience in The Ophthalmological Clinic in Krakow and The Ophthalmological Hospital in Witkowice. He became a renowned specialist after his long-standing practice as an assisting surgeon in the ophthalmological ward of St. Pölten Hospital, Austria and clinics of Vienna’s Health Insurance Funds. Marek Hanarz is an ophthalmologist of second degree and a medical doctor (doctoral degree project: The attempts of diversification of histochemical and immunocytochemical cells of the base plate and the islets of placenta)

Skills and abilities gained in the scope of modern treatment of cataract, surgical treatment of glaucoma and retina disorders (laser therapy), allow for the comprehensive diagnosis of all abnormalities in sight organ functions. Based on the gained experience in the field of histology, Marek Hanarz performs a cytohistological examinations concerning eye diseases

By having in his priority the rules of medical ethic, Marek Hanarz is not only an emitent specialist, but an expert as well. As a specialized ophthalmologist, he always puts emphasis on the expert medical attention towards his patients.

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