ophthalmologist Kraków
The specialist practice in eye diseases
ophthalmologist Cracow
MD Marek Hanarz
A medical specialist in eye diseases,
Univ. Doctor of Medicine

OKOAKCENT resembles a new quality on the market of medical services

 OKOAKCENT - (ophthalmologist Cracow) resembles a new quality on the market of medical services.

The specialist ophthalmological surgery of MD Marek Hanarz is located in Kalwaryjska Street 63, Cracow, Poland.

Marek Hanarz has been conducting his specialist ophthalmological practice since 1999. Since September 2010, his surgery is located in a new building in Kalwaryjska Street 63, Cracow, Poland

It is a modern and posh ophthalmological surgery, equipped with a comprehensive diagnostics tools, wchich enable a thorough and solid examination of the sight organ. Due to these opportunities, OKOAKCENT may offer the highest quality medical care in the field of modern ophthalmology.









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